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South Plainfield, NJ based Leland Limited introduces their first generation CO2 powered tap for beverage kegs, the Leland CO2 PicnicTap™. This unique tap revolutionizes the way beer and soda is dispensed combining portability, efficiency, and preservation of the beverage without hand pumping or cumbersome gas equipment.

Beverages in kegs are pure, essentially without any preservatives. Since air contains bacteria and other contaminates, injecting it into beverages is damaging. Taste and freshness suffer considerably, especially when the keg is from the night before. Bars and restaurants use pure CO2 exclusively to dispense all their beverages.

The Leland CO2 PicnicTap™ is with a precise pressure regulating valve unit conveniently mounted on a rod and faucet style tap. Disposable cylinders of 99.97% pure CO2 are easily installed in the regulator which supplies the needed pressure in the keg to push out the beverage.

Each CO2 cylinder will push about 7-1/2 gallons, which is a 1/4 keg. So it will take two cylinders to fully preserve and dispense a 1/2 keg. Cylinders are expected to retail for less then $10.00 in area liquor and beer stores. Leland CO2 PicnicTap™ unit will retail for $165.00 or it can be rented from most stores selling kegs.

Mobile dispensing using the Leland CO2 PicnicTap™ is the first new beverage product Leland has put out since the popular Mr. Fizz rechargeable seltzer bottles were introduced in 1996 on MrFizz.com. Leland is best known in the military, marine and aerospace industries for their high quality CO2 cylinders used in inflatable life jackets.

For further information please contact:

Lee Stanford, Interim Product Manager
Leland Limited Inc.
(908) 561.2000 9-5 EST

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