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 Sparkling Clean, Environmentally Green... LELAND POWER CLEAN OPTICAL CLEANER

Leland, known for high-pressure gas cylinders, adds to their line of high-tech pressurized cleaning products--LELAND POWER CLEAN OPTICAL CLEANER. The first completely hazard-free, biodegradable, and environmentally responsible cleaner to come in a liquid form.

Extensive research and testing has revealed that many industries, such as electronics, photographic, defense, and aerospace will benefit tremendously from this innovative cleaning solution. None of the contents which make up this powerful optical cleaner are on OSHA's List of Hazardous Substances. This means that office and electronic managers, as well as maintenance personnel will benefit from not having to report Leland's Optical Cleaner on their annual Right-To-Know Survey forms.

Starting at only $2.89 for the convenient 2 ounce pump spray bottle or $3.99 for the economical 4 ounce pump spray bottle, the benefits of this high-tech cleaner will be realized when the need for a non-toxic, non-flammable, and odorless cleaner is the only acceptable solution.

Leland CO2 Power Clean products, which use a CO2 cylinder, are already placed in leading radiology and research labs with tremendous success. Now, these medical communities require a product with soil release properties contained in a completely biodegradable 100% safe formulation, that's what Leland's Power Clean Optical Cleaner is all about.

Lint-free wipes are not required to achieve factory-new clarity because the Leland Power Clean Optical Cleaner is ultra filtered for purity and is sterile. The Leland Power Clean Optical Cleaner safely cleans everything from your eyeglasses to laser optics without the fear of damage to the object, yourself, or the environment.

The Leland Power Clean Optical Cleaner will follow in the footsteps of Leland's CO2 Power Clean products as being the only safe and effective alternative for industries to provide a means for static-free cleaning.

Let your optics SPARKLE with Leland's Power Clean Optical Cleaner!!

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