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Dr. Seymour Moné, Scientist Unravels new fiber technology,  Leland introduces new Ultra Cloth material  to prolong the useful life of your optics.

Bedminster, NJ--Natural suede and chamois have been used to clean delicate surfaces for centuries. Now, Leland's R&D Department has uncovered a new synthetic ultra fine micro fiber used in making the new Power CleanUltra Cloth, a 11-1/2" X 12" reusable cloth for precision cleaning of critical optics.

Micro fiber technology is superior to natural fibers due to its design, a star shaped cross section. The "gaps" between the star points are what traps the dirt and contamination. When made into a cloth, it can absorb twice its weight in water, does not require oil to stay soft and will not shrink after laundering, and since it is manmade, there are no unpleasant animal odors.

Contamination, dirt, and even finger oil, is safely and effectively wiped clean from a variety of coated and non-coated optical surfaces, including CD's, lasers, lenses, and even eyeglasses, without the use of any chemical medium. This replaces disposable paper "wipes," which are often chemically saturated, a major cause of damaging delicate imprints on equipment and an ever increasing health concern.

Starting at only $7.95, the Power CleanUltra Cloth is the environmentally responsible solution to a disposable paper wipe. One touch of the new Ultra Cloth and you will immediately realize the cleaning potential that this revolutionary new ultra fine micro fiber has to offer. Look for it in photographic stores beginning in April.

In February, Leland introduced the Ultra Cloth to the Photographic Marketing Association, with tremendous success. Now, their entire line of Power Clean products will be aimed at the consumer electronics industry where clean coated optics are essential to meet the demanding performance requirements of digital electronics.

Leland currently has four other critical cleaning products, including their popular CO2 Power Clean, Ozone Safe Dust and Particle Remover system. This alternative to aerosol cans uses supercritical carbon dioxide technology, a derivative of Leland's 35 years of experience in the disposable gas cylinder business.

For further information, contact Leland Limited, Inc., at 908-668-1008.

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