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Leland has developed a line of Emergency Strobe Lights for helicopter landing

South Plainfield, New Jersey - Leland, the major manufacturer of disposable gas cylinders for life jackets, has developed a line of Emergency Strobe Lights with 3 mile visibility that generate a 7500-volt beacon, and now, the Emergency Light Kit developed for EMS and Fire Departments to rapidly deploy four landing lights in a 75-100' box pattern with a fifth light upwind from the box of four lights. This fifth light is critical to a pilot, as it uses a red lens and is placed upwind--"out" of the box--so he can land into the wind.

When a helicopter or aircraft is approaching, ground to air communication is critical, as the pilot must be made aware of the intentions of the ground crew. The Emergency Light Kit was designed to prevent confusion when a helicopter is landing and keep him from an area of danger (i.e., wires, antennas). The upwind strobe helps guide the helicopter nose into the wind.

The Emergency Light Kit comes in a durable, red high-impact PVC case, and each strobe is protected in a die-cut foam liner with room for extra lenses and batteries. Each kit requires five D-Cell alkaline batteries, which are not included. The wind-proof, stable, rapid-attachment wire bases stack neatly within the case. There are even "Pavement Clips", ten included, so asphalt deployment is no problem.

The Emergency Strobe Lights (ESLs) have been a proven success in the EMS and Fire Service and are U.S. Coast Guard approved.

For more information, contact Leland Limited at (908) 668-1008.

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