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PowerClean turns Pro . . . Knocks out cans of air!

Bedminster, NJ--Now, in its third generation, Leland's line of PowerClean products is presenting their ProSeries Earth-Safe Cleaning System that replaces aerosol cans of air in the darkroom, lab, and studio.

Cleaning lenses and dusting props with dry carbon dioxide (CO2) vapor has been well documented to be safe and effective. The CO2 used in all of Leland's cylinders is not the adverse type of CO2, which is primarily from vehicle emissions. Leland's CO2 is captured from natural wells in the Earth and is purchased from gasoline refineries throughout the World. This is considered a way of "pre-recycling," because we are "capturing" the gas before a natural release occurs.

Because of its high pressure and purity, carbon dioxide is rapidly replacing harmful propellants in aerosol containers. Leland developed a superior valve technology, which gives end users a unique balance of nozzle velocity for difficult cleaning tasks and duration for economy, which is well suited for the photographic and electronics industries.

Under a different name, Leland has been selling this ProSeries valve in the electronics repair markets for nearly ten years. To date, Leland is proud to boast a zero defect rate with this valve system for those ten years.

Consumers in the field will appreciate the added benefits of this ProSeries CO2 Cleaning System because the unit has a positive lock for leakage-free transportation, a non-skid rubberized stand-up base, and it uses the already popular Leland CO2 PowerCleanII replacement cylinders. The complete system, with a lifetime warranty on the valve, has been well received at $89.95 retail.

Contact Leland Limited, Inc., at 800-984-9793 for further information.

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