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ESPUMA – translates to ‘foam food technique’

January 5, 2005
For immediate release…

Culinary design in the US is taking cues from acclaimed chefs and food service professionals all around the world, and now more than ever, from Italy. ‘ESPUMA foams’ are being plated by leading chefs at an increased rate because of the infinite variations of flavor possible.

Now, Sweet Mango Foam can compliment Spicy Grilled Shrimp or Blue Cheese foam with a Port Wine reduction over a Sliced Steak Salad. This is simple and within the reach of everyone.

Pressure ESPUMA equipment using an N2O cartridge is essentially a pressure cream whipper with a slightly larger internal valve; it allows the foam to flow freely and be controlled.

Many ESPUMA recipes call for gelatin rather than cream. Typically, cream expands 4 times from a pressure whipper; gelatin can yield about 1.5 times thus expanding the foam into a shape or just for ‘coloring’ a plate.

Donato DiGiacopo European Imports has selected Leland Limited of NJ to market their whipped cream dispensers and ESPUMA equipment to professionals in North and South America. Leland has been providing distribution to wholesale and resale establishments since 1965.

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