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Leland CO2 PowerClean™ used by NASA

August 19, 2004

Specialists at NASA’s engineering team are using a version of this CO2 PowerClean™ device, in orbit, to clean minute particle contamination on various external connections on the Space Lab. Unlike a flat bottom aerosol can, the CO2 in the PowerClean™ device is more than 10 times stronger and doesn’t leave any residue.

Back on Earth, the CO2 PowerClean™ ProSeries is found in clean rooms, labs, and electronics repair stations. The strength of this durable little device is the miniature jet stream that is produced by the supplied tapered tip nozzle. The ‘air’ coming out is actually pure CO2 (99.95%) at well over 350 psi and all passed through an inline 40 micron sintered screen filter.

Cleaning debris out of keyboards, removing lint from lenses and detailing the interior of a car are all excellent examples of this valve technology in action. The variable flow control button on top of the ergonomically correct valve head allows for surgical precision and an infinite feeling of control.

Photographers have embraced the CO2 PowerClean™ for years because the nozzle is easily removed and the valve head can be ‘locked’ off to prevent discharge when it travels. Each cylinder holds about 3.5 oz or 74 grams of CO2 which is well over 2,250 cubic inches of useful cleaning gas. A single burst of CO2 from the valve can deliver a 10 cubic inch blast at over 120 miles per hour. One cylinder is good for well over 250 blasts, more than enough to keep your personal keyboard clean for months.

The CO2 PowerClean™ unit comes with the ProSeries valve, a re-usable rubber stand up base, one cylinder and a lifetime warranty for $59.95. The replacement cylinders are readily available at $9.95.

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