Strobe Lights
USCG APPROVED - Rugged all weather marine strobes have a wide variety of uses and are molded in 3 colors to suit your application. These lights are 100% tested in our NJ plant by trained caring people. A simple waterproof switch activates the powerful XENON strobe module which produces a powerful flash to be seen miles away. Now easily attach the strobe with our threaded base (1/4"-20) adaptor and get connected.

It all starts with this compact electronics package. A capacitor pulls the energy from the battery source and readies to send it to the Xenon gas filled glass bulb. We recognize how many places there are to attach a strobe, especially when there is a convenient mount available. It simply rotates onto the strobe body base with a bayonet fitting. Now you can attach it anywhere!

  • Battery operated strobe lights pierce through darkness.
  • Instantly mark a location and be seen when it is important.
  • Three mile visibility, U.S. Coast Guard Approval and durability make up our strobe light product line.

Emergency Strobe Lights
  Convenient Accessories
for ESL I
strobe on turnout coat
These extremely durable strobes have been on turnout coats in the fire service for over 18 years. A simple "D" cell powers them and the standard clip allows easy attachment to many different points.
strobe and accessories
These accessories are available for a wide range of interests. Yellow/amber lenses are a requirement for all Highway equipment, while Green lenses signify a command post in the fire service. Blue allows emergency responders to go to fire calls in NJ while in PA, police use blue to pull you over. Whatever your color requirement, we’ll produce a lens to meet your specifications.

Product List
P/N 60610M
Emergency Strobe Light I

(Life Jacket Style)


12 Pieces Per Case in Hanging Clam Shell
UPS Weight:
3 Ibs.
P/N 60612 (Amber Lens)

P/N 60614
(Red Lens)

P/N 60615
(Blue Lens)

P/N 60619
(Green Lens)
Strobe Light Lens
These tough lenses screw onto the strobe body creating a noticeable color flash. They are sold individually. Consult our latest published price list for up-to-date information.
P/N 60611
Small Magnetic Base
All of our ESL l's have a bayonet twist lock fitting on the bottom. These small magnetic bases are ideal for securing the magnet to the metal rooftop of a disabled vehicle. 15 lb. pull.
P/N 60609
Large Magnetic Heavy Duty Magnet
NEW! 80 Ib. PULL MAGNET SIDE CLIP ATTACHMENT. You cannot pull this magnet straight off a steel surface! All Police, Fire/Rescue, and commercial applications require this mounting system. Complete hardware kit included.
P/N 60613
Tripod Elevation Tower
Take the ESL to new heights by attaching it to this clever new product. Fully extended, it will take the brilliant flash well over one foot -- that's tall enough to get you out of sand, snow, leaves and even tall grass. Collapsed with feet inside measures less than six inches.
P/N 60616
Windproof Base Chrome Plated
Use the bayonet fitting to instantly deploy a strobe. Gale force winds and even turbulent prop wash from a helicopter won't blow this base around. Pavement clip kit available.
P/N 60604
Cone Adapter

A snap in mount fits any traffic cone with a hole.

See section on HighVis Strobes for traffic cones.

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